Call for Abstracts!

Don‘t miss the opportunity to actively contribute your expertise and knowledge and be a part of the German Aerospace Congress program 2024!

The German Aerospace Congress is the central event of the German aerospace community. The congress language is German, but presentations or entire sessions may be held in English. The congress is an interdisciplinary event and offers the opportunity to discuss important aerospace topics.

Scientists from all aerospace disciplines are invited to submit contributions (lectures or posters) for the German Aerospace Congress. The range of topics will be represented in a large number of technical sessions in which current issues will be discussed. In addition, scientific papers as well as planned research projects or presentations of research facilities, infrastructure and technical systems can be presented as posters.

The Program Committee of the German Aerospace Congress 2024 therefore invites you to submit contributions in the following subject areas:

  • Air Transport System
  • Aircraft
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  • Cabin
  • Aircraft Propulsion
  • Flight Mechanics, Flight Controls and Flight Guidance
  • Aviation and Society
  • Space Technology
  • Space Science and Applications
  • Space and Society
  • Materials, Processes and Structure Design
  • Fluid Dynamics and Thermodynamics
  • Avionics and Mission Technologies
  • Systems Engineering and -Management
  • Aerospace Medicine

The deadline for submission of contributions is 21 April 2024.

We look forward to receiving your contribution for your active participation in the
German Aerospace Congress 2024

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